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Make Money Online Writing Articles


Make Money Online Writing Articles

Do you have good written English, if you do then you can make money online writing articles. You have many options such as offering an article writing service on a freelancer website, listing your articles for sale in popular marketing forums or you can write and submit articles to promote an affiliate service.

If you have a creative mind then you can literally write about anything after a little research and this will allow you to offer article writing services to many different businesses.

Join Freelancer!

If you take a look at the video shown below, you will see the massive potential of article writing on freelancer. There is literally thousands of dollars worth of jobs just for article writing, ghost writing, review writing and so on. The more jobs you get, the better your reputation you will make and the more money you will make.

Webmasters need unique content on a daily basis, sometimes for a massive network of blogs and as some webmasters have so many blogs, they cannot possibly write unique articles for each blog, every day. That’s where you come in, as long as you can write unique articles with good English, easy to read and optimized for the search engines then you will do well.

List On Forums!

Big forums such as digital point and warrior allow you to list adverts and you can offer unique articles for sale. If you are good at what you do then you will pull in a lot of business and most importantly, on going business for years to come as the need for unique content on a daily basis will never stop.

Become a regular face on these forums to build up trust and in your signature, you can place links to your website or blog that offers cheap yet high quality article writing and submission services. If you offer the submission service as well, you can double your revenue and a lot of people would rather pay than do it themselves, as long as the price is right.

Articles For Personal Use!

Until you build up a good customer base on freelancer and the forums, why don’t you build a blog and write articles as well as submit them to the most popular directories. This will increase the rankings of your blog that offers the article writing and submission service as well as grow initial traffic.

I used to use article marketing to drive traffic to affiliate programs and made a lot of sales this way but you must be consistent. If you want to make a good go of an article writing and submission business then write articles for a blog that offers this service rather than to an affiliate product or service to ensure all the traffic is growing your own personal business.

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