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Making Blog Posts More Interesting

Step By Step How To Make Blog Posts More Interesting


In continuation to the last couple of posts, it is very important to ensure your blog posts are interesting to read, appealing and captivate the attention of the reader instead of being too ‘plain and boring’. This too will ensure you get more comments on your blog.

Think about any book that you recently read, or an article or even a Facebook comment that you just read. If it was interesting, chances are you might’ve left a comment. If it was a book, you’d be inclined to read up about it one a forum online, or leave a comment on its Facebook fanpage. The same goes for blogs. Make the post interesting and you might have more people comment on it.

But How?

There are quite a few ways to go about this.

1. Making your post less text-heavy

Make sure you make your posts less text-dependent. Stop relying on just your words and add pictures, videos or even audio to your posts. A picture, as the age-old adage goes, is worth a thousand words! Not only does multimedia add color to your posts, it makes them much more interesting as well. Remember, don’t overdo it though, there needs to be a balance between text and pictures. A visually-interesting blog can go a long way.

2. Add statistics, case studies, quotes, etc

Being less text-dependent doesn’t necessarily mean limiting yourself to adding pictures and Youtube clips. You could add graphs, charts, stats, quotes and the like as well, depending on the sort of blog you have.

3. Choose an interesting topic

Try and appeal to a large group of audience by choosing an interesting topic. Use simple language, but don’t be generic. Think whether this topic would be interesting to read only within your niche (interesting for just a few people) or maybe if you could tweak it somehow, you’d be able to appeal to more people. When choosing your topics, try standing out from the crowd. Which brings us to point no. 4…

4. Choose an interesting headline and first paragraph

When you start writing essays, one of the first things you learn is to come up with interesting topic names and keeping the first paragraph as fascinating as possible. It’s like reading a book: if the introduction is good, you’ll be captivated instantly and it then becomes hard for you to put the book down. Similarly, you can have the same effect on your blog post by keeping the introduction interesting. Chances are, if you’re successful here, the reader will stick around till the end.

5. Look at your competition

Regardless of if you’re running a niche blog or not, look at other similar blogs and see what they’re doing. Try and adapt their best practices yourself. If there’s something that you think you can take from their blogs and improve upon, go for it!

6. Be a bit controversial

Being controversial could stir up an interest in your posts. I’ve seen plenty of blogs employ this strategy on a regular basis. It could even be a good viral marketing source through word-of-mouth, as controversy usually attracts attention. There’s no harm in bringing controversy in your posts, as long as you know your limits. There is a fine line between being controversial, and being rude, insensitive, ignorant or downright provocative or inflammatory. Make sure you don’t cross that line. You want to promote debate and not upset your readers.

7. Be more humorous

Being witty, funny and amusing. Try to keep your tone light. Add more personality to your posts. But like in real-life, avoid overdoing it and be subtle.

8. Think outside the box

Give advice. Share stuff. Post DIYs. Break monotony by doing completely different posts every once in a while. Write your posts in the form of stories. Think of ways apart from the obvious ones which you can use to keep people engaged.

9. And above all..

Be human! And be yourself!

Final Words

This is far from being an exhaustive list and I’m sure you can come up with ideas of your own. Do share them with us in the comments section below!

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