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Mama Clorinda Restaurant in Quito

Mama Clorinda Restaurant in Quito

If what you are looking for in your dining experience is typical Ecuadorian food, then head to Mama Clorinda. The restaurant is on the large side, with two levels, and is a perfect place for large groups to go. Not only is there enough room for everyone, the menu is extensive enough that everyone can find something they like.

Mama Clorinda is a popular spot for locals, which has made it a popular spot for tourists as well. The menu features traditional Ecuadorian meals, and might be the only place you actually try cuy (roasted guinea pig). Or maybe not.

Other popular traditional menu choices include the goat stew (seco de chivo) and the guatita (beef, potato, and peanut stew). A must try is the llapingachos: homemade corn tortillas smothered in cheese. You can also get more familiar dishes such as grilled pork or roasted chicken and corn on the cob.

An unexpected part of this Gringo’s trip to Mama Clorinda was the entertainment: typical Andean music from Ecuador. It was quite interesting, and very pleasant. Not overpowering at all, it added to our dining experience.

You might avoid it because of the hype, but Mama Clorinda restaurant is clean, professional, and serves up some of the best recipes from the highlands of Ecuador. It is definitely worth a visit.

Mama Clorinda is located on Reina Victoria 1144 and Calama, Quito. The phone number is 593 02/2544–362. Reservations aren’t necessary. Main dishes cost between 5 and 15 dollars.

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