Must Have Resources


I thought it would be useful to implement a list of services that I use, if you’re interested in getting started within Blogging and Internet marketing in general then I really do suggest reading this list and maybe purchasing a few services. To earn passive income monthly you really do need these services. I’ve listed the best services (in my opinion) below, and I truly do believe you’ll do well with these.

Web Hosting



Hostgator is who I host with and I personally think that they’re great. I’ve hosted with them for nearly over a year now, and the support is fantastic. They’re super-fast and super smooth. In terms of hosting, support and just overall reliability you just can’t beat Hostgator. By far the best web hosting around today, and if you don’t agree with me, read a few reviews.


This is another great host, before joining Hostgator I used Bluehost for a few months, and before I get all critical about Hostgator and Bluehost, the only reason I swapped to Hostgator at the time was because of all the unlimited features and the 24/7 support. That was my entire reason, both hosts are great and honestly, if you’re needing a new host, either host would do you justice.


Domains Names



So for the leading domain provider, I have to go with Godaddy, due to the fact that they are the most cheapest and reliable. Godaddy have pretty decent support too, one thing that I stress about Godaddy is to not ever, ever go with their web hosting. Why? Simply because it’s so restricted and frankly it sucks. I remember transferring a website for a friend and it was the most frustrating thing ever.


Namecheap is a fantastic domain provider, just as good as Godaddy, the only reason I like Godaddy better is because I use coupons to cheap domains. Namecheap’s support is fairly good as well, can’t really say anything wrong about Namecheap, again, if you don’t want to take my word for it, just do a search for domain providers.


Email Marketing



I’ve been with Aweber around 4/5 months and I honestly can’t believe I didn’t take advantage of their service. When I was focusing on Internet Marketing full time I must of lost so much money due to the simple fact that I didn’t take advantage of collecting emails. The best thing you can do for your blog and/or Internet marketing business is to start collecting emails. The thing I like about Aweber is the simplicity and believe me I’ve tried a lot of email marketing services, just last week I even tried GetResponse and don’t get me wrong GetResponse isn’t bad but it just isn’t up to Aweber standards.


A great email marketing service, I signed up to GetResponse just last week and one thing I really did like about GetResponse was the support. Is GetResponse on Aweber’s level? Not just yet, but I reckon is GetResponse became more simple and a lot better in terms of ease of user for the user, they could really advantage of the email marketing industry.


WordPress Themes



I believe that WooThemes are currently the market leaders for wordpress themes at the moment, due to the simple fact that they have an outrageous amount of fantastic looking wordpress themes. The thing about WooThemes is they run a great service, with great themes, with great support and just overall greatness. I seriously do recommend that you check out WooThemes because they have a load of fantastic themes.


I can remember when StudioPress was just a small website offering fantastic themes and they’ve come so far in the market today. I really do recommend you check these guys out because they’ve got some fantastic themes. Really professional looking themes are fantastic and at StudioPress you can’t go wrong for support or pricing.


I’ve run so many blogs on the Thesis framework, it’s possibly the best framework I’ve ever run a wordpress blog on, it has fantastic support and you can do so much stuff on this framework. I really do recommend you check this out, it’s one of my favorite themes.


This is one of the best places for purchasing cheap wordpress themes. If you like the theme that I’m currently using for this blog, then you’re lucky, because I actually purchased the Convergence theme from there and modified it and wahlah. I absolutely love the theme I’m using at the moment.


Selling Your Product & Shopping Carts



This service is probably the most commonly used for selling your own eBook. If you’re into selling Information products then I really do recommend e-junkie, because it’s simple to use and very safe in terms of payments.


Clickbank has a fantastic Marketplace for individuals, I really do recommend using Clickbank due to the fact that it’s very well-known and it has awesome support. Also, if you’re interested in selling your product I’d highly recommend using Clickbank.


Well, what to say about PayPal? A good place to take payments, and probably the most known shopping cart service in the world today. So if you’re interested in doing simple payments and receiving money really simply, try out PayPal.

Books And Tools


Purple Cow

Transform Your Business: Another remarkable book that was written by Seth Godin and I have to say that this book seriously transformed the way I work and think about products in general. If you’re into sales and marketing and into being unique/remarkable then buy this book.


Keyword Tools & Tracking

Google Adwords Tool

Adwords keyword tool is the simplest and best keyword tool today, period. There’s no tool on the market today that’s as good, it’s simple, free and just awesome, feel free to test it out, you can’t possibly go wrong, and it’s free.

Google Analytics

I can’t launch a website without tracking everything and to track everything I use the best service out there, Google Analytics. It’s free, easy to use and the functions that this software has is just remarkable. Google Website Optimizer: Google Website Optimizer is great for experimenting and split testing things. It also saves information, go ahead and check it out.