My Lifestyle as of 2017

This is a facebook post that I made recently. I liked it so much that I decided it was website worthy.  See below.


To answer this question that I have got from people about my lifestyle, let me just say that (( I am a full-time traveler ))… I don’t have a house or an apartment back home in Boston. I left it all to start exploring the world. Life is so short and I feel most people spend their lives doing the opposite of what they really want to be doing. For me I am the happiest traveling, exploring and pushing myself further each and every day.

The other question I get is: how can you afford to travel full-time and live abroad? Answer: I’m an internet Marketer/ digital nomad. I have learned the skill sets to literally create income from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and wi-fi connection. Do I have clients? Yes! Do I need them? Not really. Most of my income is passive and autopilot…

I plan to hopefully find a home somewhere on this amazing planet. But for now and maybe the next 10+ years it’s to the skies….

Recent Photos of Hanging out in Costa Rica


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