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On Page SEO Definition

On Page SEO Definition



A simple On Page SEO definition is that it is the production of search engine friendly content using the text, tags, links and other elements.


It is not practical to think that the search engines will find, index and rank your site without there being any need to consider on page
SEO. In fact, if you want to get a high ranking in the search results it is essential to consider on page SEO from the outset.

Good on page SEO is not about manipulating the search engines, it is simply about structuring content so that the search engines understand its relevancy. If the page is about “red widgets” then the search engine spiders that visit the page need to be clear that this page is highly relevant to the keyword “red widgets” and should therefore be considered for display when that term is searched for. At the same time the content must be valuable to visitors.


Of course the search engine spiders cannot actually understand the content so they are looking for indicators of its relevancy.

This involves looking at the content of the title tags, the header tags, the image ALT tags, the links and their anchor text amongst other things. On page SEO can be thought of as like writing so that a six year old can pick up that the content is about “red widgets” but without any understanding of what it means.

The fact that the search engines understand the relevancy of the page will not in itself get a high ranking in the search results but it is a vital first step. If the search engines do not understand what the page is about you will struggle to get a high ranking whatever you do off page.

When you are clear about the on page SEO definition and why it is so important, you need to check understand on page seo analysis and put it into practice on every page (or post).

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