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Unknown File Extensions got you down?

Have you even run across a file that you couldn’t open and the file extension is unknown? While this is frustrating, you may not need to rush out there and purchase expensive software to open it! Your chances of finding that free software is very good at website. can provide you a detailed information run down on just about any file extension, and also provide links to various free software programs that can be helpful to create each of those file types.

The purpose at is to help people find solutions to file types that are obscure and share that information to the world, free of charge! While there are many great programs out there which cost plenty of big dollars for programs that you think you need. You will find out that there are tons of free software out there that is just as good.

The really cool thing is  that you just didn’t know about it, until now!

#1. Right click on the file you don’t know how to open, and left click on “ – How do I Open This?”

#2. If knows about that type of file, you will see a list of compatible programs. If you already have one of the programs installed, it will say Installed. If not, it will say Download.

Hope this blog post was helpful to you “Unknown File Extensions got you down?

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