Optimizing Your Blogs and Money Websites

Optimizing Your Blogs and Money Websites

The past day or two you may have noticed some changes to a few of y websites. Though they are barely noticeable unless you are a frequent visitor. I have just done a little bit of cleaning up and rearranging to the sidebars and a few pages along with adding the Subscribe box to the headers to get rid of some of the white space that was not being used in the header.


The next few days I plan to do a little more some of the other pages like the Advertising Page I think needs a little more work and maybe the About Page. I have already touched up the Make Money Page and added new icons to the sidebar for the Make Money section, that is a new section I recently added yesterday. So why is doing housework to your blog important?

I think its always good to do a little housework or cleaning up. It gives your sites something new for your frequent readers to look at and not have the same thing over and over. This intern may help your RSS subscriptions, catch new readers attention and possibly more profit for your blog. I went and changed a few ad placements also this is a good way to determine what ad placement and sizes work best for you blog and what your readers interact with more.


Word - Blog - in wooden letters on small red wheels spanning the pages of an open magazine in a communication and social media concept

Cleaning up and rearranging your blog also lets you test how well the changes work for you. I personally like changing things up once in a while, as I get tired of the same thing and start to feel unhappy with the way my blog looks or that blank space could be put to use somehow or that one thing may work better than another.

A blog is sort-of like your house, you may have cleaned it the other day but after a few days it starts to look cluttered and a little rearranging or straighting up makes a big difference.

Some Housework Tips:

  • Make the most of your whitespace.
  • Rearrange or clean up your widgets or sidebar elements.
  • Add new design elements.
  • Try new ad placements and sizes.
  • Change up some of your least popular pages.
  • Determine what works for your readers.
  • See what works for other bloggers.
  • If it’s not broke don’t fix it.
  • Add your tip to the comments below.



Look for a few new changes here and there in the next few days on the site and go see if your blog needs some housework also and give it a little cleaning up or add some new elements for your readers to interact with.

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