Goal Setting

People with Goals Achieve More than Those Without Goals

FACT: People with Goals Achieve More than Those Without Goals!

All highly successful people, whether they’re leaders, businessmen, scientists, sports and music personalities, etc., all share a common characteristic in that they all believe in goal setting.

They had clear and specific goals of what they want to achieve and focused single-mindedly on their goals until they achieved it.

People with goals achieve more than those without goals.

People with clear goals are more likely to achieve their goals than those without.

Obviously, if you know exactly what you want, it’s a lot easier to go after it than if you’re vague or not too clear about your goals.

Without Goals, Life Wouldn’t Be so Interesting,
Would It?

“To have Goals is to have a future, because without goals we will strive for nothing.”
– Andrew Riding

Unfortunately, the sad fact of life is that most people either can’t be bothered or don’t believe in goal setting. Think of all of the people that you know who would like to achieve something but don’t have clear goals and thus keep getting side-tracked or end-up failing.

Then there are those people who don’t have any goals at all and are resigned to living from day-to-day. They may not suffering all that much but, then again, they’re also not really living life to the fullest or exploring their potential to be more than they currently are.

*** About 150 years ago, Henry David Thoreau observed that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation“.

Don’t you agree that life wouldn’t be very interesting, besides not being very meaningful, if you didn’t have any goals to strive for?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that most people are actually motivated by the same things in life. Their goal-setting efforts almost always focus on the same things.

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