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Product Creation

Creating products to sell is one of the biggest reasons that people never really get started in this business. People are intimidated by the mere thought of having to create a product because they do not know what content to create a product on or how to do it.

There are fortunately many solutions to this problem. The good news is that it is easier than you many think. In fact you do not even need to create your own product. You can sell other people’s products and earn a commission on every sale. This is called affiliate marketing.

You can sell either physical or digital products. Physical products tend to require more work and have increased costs associated with them (although this will not really be a problem if you sell affiliate products as the product owner has all the headaches associated with the product) .

These physical products also need to be manufactured, stored and shipped. Digital products are easy to store on your computer and can be instantly downloaded at the negligible cost of a little bit of band width.

Creating your own products is also relatively easy. There are so many different formats that a product can take. The 5 most common formats are the written word, audio, video, apps and software.

There are so many different variations of these product formats which are limited only by your imagination. The written word could for example be in the form of eBooks, reports, checklists and mind maps to name but a few.

Any digital product can also be produced in a physical format for example a downloadable video can be burned onto a physical DVD which can be shipped to your customer.

There are also many different ways to acquire the information for your products such as doing written research, doing interviews, using public domain works or private label rights. You could even outsource the creation process to someone else.

Once your product has been developed, the next important consideration is how to price the product. This will be determined by many factors which mostly revolve around the quality of the content and your marketing ability.

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