Quick Tips For Google Adsense Profits

Quick Tips For Google Adsense Profits


If you want to make money online with google adsense, then you will need to know the best ways in which to do so. You can make a full time income using just adsense alone but i would not recommend that this is the only way you make money on the internet. You should have at least 3 different ways to earn cash online and adsense is a great addition as long as you use it the right way.

If you target the right keywords and then drive tons of quality, targeted traffic to your website or blog, then you will soon realise the potential of this business model. There are many ways you can gain adsense income, so lets go over a couple of them.

Low Competition:

Many current adsense publishers will dig out keywords with low competition, but keywords that have advertisers. Low competition makes it easier to rank for and if there are only 50,000 listed pages, it has 500 searches per month, as well as advertisers, then you can throw up a simple blog that is optimised for these keywords and build backlinks to get it listed on the first page in google.

Once you are high on the first page, you can leave it to earn adsense cash. You might need to set off an automatic link building campaign to keep it highly listed but that would be hands off using software anyway. The more listings you get for keywords with low competition, the more adsense cash you will make.

High Paid Clicks:

The best way i think to make money with adsense would be to target the highest paying keywords such as those related to insurance, forex, credit cards and loans. I know that these are highly competitive markets but if you write a steady flow of articles, you will get a steady flow of traffic and once google starts to trust your site, your clicks could earn you up to $10 each.

Your best bet would be to outsource a cheap article writer and submitter. You can have someone write the article and submit the article for about $2 each if you shop around. Indian writers are extremely cheap and very reliable workers. All you need is for that article to generate 1 adsense click in its lifetime and you will earn your money back.

Like i said above, you want a few ways to make money from your site so add some affiliate banners also for more earnings as well as an opt in form to build a list for each market. Its not all about Adsense but its a very good addition to your overall income.

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