Set up your Webste Hosting

Hostgator –  About 2 months ago I switched over from Bluehost and Siteground to HostGator. Bluehost seemed to have more downtime than promised and only allowed 5 add-on domains for any of the shared plans they offered. My time was running out for the year so I opted to go with HostGator and there baby plan.

The baby plan is ideal for me as I do alot of web sites and the unlimited add-on domains is great. It seems like a pretty good deal. and plus they are having a 20% off for signing up.

I’m really liking the switch so far. No downtime and sense i didn’t feel like moving everything over, HostGator offered new customers a great transfer option which I gladly choose to do.

So if your not happy with your hosting give them a try.