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iThemes Builder is one of the new generation of WordPress themes, which aim to allow users to create unique, custom websites without coding knowledge.

At the core of iThemes Builder is its layout editor. This editor lets you to choose how to piece together your site by adding modules, navigation menus, images, content area, sidebars (optional, you decide), widget bars and HTML areas. You can also easily customize your websites footer.

The style manager means that background color, fonts and the look of widget and navigation areas can be quickly altered via drop down menus.

If you want a specific type of site, or some help with getting a basic layout set-up, then iThemes offers a range of free child themes when you buy iThemes Builder. With over 20 designs to choose from, including retro, news style and minimalist text designs, you can quickly create attractive looking blogs or websites with a few clicks.

Personally I feel that the theme’s main strength lies in its customization, so while these child themes may be a tipping point for you as a potential purchaser, it’s the ease in which truly custom sites can be built that is its main selling point for me.

SEO is built in (as I would expect from any decent theme builder), and a variety of options are offered including settings for descriptions, keywords and dofollow/nofollow.

I still have a personal bias towards WooThemes Canvas, as it’s what I most often use, but if you want the usefulness of multiple child themes, then iThemes Builder does have an edge in this respect.

Visit the iThemes Builder homepage

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