I really appreciate you taking the time to check out all the information that I have available for you on this website. Ryan here, thanks for checking out my blog. 😉 I am an Online Entrepreneur currently living in Cuenca Ecuador.

My GOAL is to HELP YOU get started in building you online business and start living the life of your dreams with nothing but your laptop and an internet connection. Since 2007 I have created and been building an online marketing business out of the confines of my home offices.

I now own/ run over 75+ “Niche ”websites and climbing.

All of these websites now generate income in my online business on complete autopilot with free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc..

Before I start talking about how I got started in online marketing and building an empire of websites I’d like to tell you what I am most passionate about in life and why it’s helped me become successful in Internet Marketing.

Lets jump back in time to 1992. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make a lot of money! Why? I haven’t the slightest idea.

Growing up I recall thinking to myself. I need to be Rich! Maybe it was due to all the fishing trips Id take up to Gloucester Massachusetts with my dad.

I woul’d see wealthy people driving in the Mercedes and BMW’s. I’d see them having a drink out in front of their Multi million dollar homes right by the water. Maybe it was that! Or maybe it’s because deep down inside I wanted to be FREE.

Free from everything and everyone. Just free. Free to live the way I wanted to live and free to go and do anything anytime I wanted to do. Yes! That’s really why I wanted to be wealthy… I didn’t’ know it then but what money really buys is Freedom.

How does one obtain financial freedom? How does one obtain happiness? Lets talk about happiness first. Happiness is a choice. I wish I had known this wisdom earlier on in my life. I just became aware of this amazing truth not to long ago. Earlier in my life I was always waiting for thing to happen and for things to be perfect in my life..

Guess what – that just never happens! Well. maybe if your lucky.. but for most it does not. Choose to be happy now. It’s REALLY that simple. Just “decide” – make the decision that life is life and you going to be happy no matter what happens.

Everything in life is a gift. Even the bad is a gift. It’s an opportunity! An opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself. Make A Conscious Decision To Be Happy Every Day. Life is short! Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for yourself and dwelling on the bad stuff etc.

Lets starts with defining exactly what an Entrepreneur really is. Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture and sourcing and organizing the required resources while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.

Make A Decision, Commit and Execute!

How many times in your life have you had an Idea to start a business, or an idea for a service or product? My guess is most likely hundred if not thousands of times in your life. Now, how many of them have you acted on? The difference between interest and commitment is HUGE. Realize that being interested in an idea or being interested in doing something is not enough.

We must COMMIT and Take Massive Action towards your passion to make it become a reality. Entrepreneurs are creative, they realize an idea and act quickly. Even if they know they might fail the still take action. Entrepreneurs know that even failure is a success towards their goal. They do not fear failure. They crave success and accept failure as part of the process.

Vision and Creativity

In order to be successful beyond your wildest dreams you must have vision and creativity. Everything starts in your mind. You must see the future in your mind before it happens. 

Take The Leap

Do not spend too much time thinking about what might happen, what might go wrong and what if it doesn’t work. Stay positive! Write the idea down on paper or in your word document on your computer. Take the next step. Then, take small steps towards accomplishing your idea/ goal. Get it done. Even if you make mistakes along the way that in of itself is experience, learning and growth for you. Have faith that everything will work out the way its supposed to and execute on your ideas!

This Is Warfare

Yes, being an Entrepreneur and having your own online/ or offline business is Warfare. Your always battling yourself, your competitors and problems that are happening. Obstacles will always be in your way. Its how you deal with them that will decide your success.