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SEO into Three Parts

Breaking SEO Strategy Down into Three Parts

SEO Strategy, tends to be something, which is hard to define because the search engines are always developing new technologies and ever changing. Many experts in the search engine optimization world have outlined for a definitive SEO strategy. However, strategies may actually differ for every single online site, depending on your personal and business needs. Furthermore, there is more to having an effective search engine optimization strategy, than just being number one in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Breaking SEO strategy down into three parts that you should focus on are as follows:
1. Selecting keywords that truly reflect your niche, that drive targeted traffic to your site.
2. You must write quality and compelling page content that are useful for your targeted audience.
3. You must have a link building campaign to establish your authority with the search engines.

Your web site should contain the following elements for your SEO campaign and strategy:

Using markup to reference your site’s content.
* You should create unique meta tag for each page. This includes your title, description and keyword tags.
* Proper usage of the following header tags.

Using page content that includes the and tags that grab the attention of your readers and search engines.
* Proper usage of the following tags.

Optimization of your sites URLs.
* Including targeted keywords in the Domain name.
* Using keywords in your web pages and blog posts, which are separated by hyphens.

Optimization of your page content.
* Usage of keywords throughout your pages.
* Writing unique content that is of quality and useful.

Search engine friendly design.
* Using sitemaps for humans and search engines.
* Avoiding excessive amounts of Java and flash, especially for navigation menus.
* Keeping the file size of your pages under 50k.
* Avoid excessive usage of outbound links.
* Avoid building pages, which contain more that 100 links.

Site navigation menu and its structure.
* Use a navigation structure which is easy to follow and is never more than three clicks from your main page.
* Always make sure that you are not leaking PageRank to pages such as, contact forms, FAQ, policy pages that there is no reason to have PR.

While this isn’t a complete list of SEO strategies, and it is intended to be used more of a set of guidelines to follow.

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