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SMART Goal Setting

‘SMART’ Goal Setting is SO 1990′s.

It is time You Tapped into the Hidden Secrets of the New Science. Discover the 6 Powerful ‘Science-Based’ Steps on How To Super-Charge Your Goal Setting and Get Your Best RESULTS in Life! Social Psychologist and Neuroscientists have provided us with some amazing new insights into how to achieve our goals that you need to know about.

If you already know about the SMART Goal Setting system (which I believe is so 1990′s old) or some other goals setting system, then you are going to love this course. If you have never had goal setting training you are going to love this course!

You will find out what simple thing you can do that will take your goal attainment up by 400%!

You will learn what 2-Steps are missing from all other Goal Setting Systems and why that makes it so much harder for someone to achieve their goals. You will find out how the brain works, so that you can program it for success as opposed to disaster. You will learn about the 80/20 Rule and why it is ESSENTIAL to achieving your goals.

You will find out what goals lead to HAPPINESS and what goes  lead to DISAPPOINTMENT. You will be walked and talked through a Goal Setting Workshop so that by the end of the course you will be crystal clear about exactly what you want in your life – now and in the future.

And you will learn a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Here are a few templates: ( SMART )

smart-goals-template-word-doc Create-your-Own-Smart-Goal smart-goals-template-doc smart-goals-template-docx smart-goals-template-pdf

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