Software To Make Blogging Easier

Tips & Software To Make Blogging Easier!

Whether you are a beginner or a novice blogger there are tons of products out there that can make blogging easier, even though blogging itself is fairly simple and but every once in a while it can become a time consuming process and really start to wear you out. Some products can be very helpful in a few areas of blogging from the design process and writing. With a little time and learning a new product you can make blogging easier for you and make your blog more appealing to your readers.

Blogging Software

Most of you are probably already familiar with most of the blogging software available. These products are available all over the place and most are free to use. Software like WordPress and Movable Type are two of the most popular blog publishing software readily available to anyone. They make setting up your blog, and publishing your content fairly easy. There is however a product that I have ran across to make publishing to your blog even easier and straight from your desktop with out ever having to open up your browser.

Blog Desktop applications are becoming pretty hand especially with managing a few blogs. Here are a few I have found to me interesting and worth a try.

Adobe Contribute 4 “Enables content authors to quickly and easily update existing websites and blogs while maintaining site integrity — with no technical expertise required.” Sadly thought it comes with a price tag of $160. Contribute 4 works with work with WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type and many popular blogging platforms. It’s a pretty neat piece of software to add to your blogging arsenal especially if you are running multiple blogs.

Windows Live Writer is a desktop publishing software that is put out by Microsoft. Windows Live Writer “makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.” Windows Live Writer is free and seems to be a great product to use also.

Qumana is a desktop blog editing and blog tools software that has a lot of great features and is pretty useful and powerful just like the other two mentioned. It also has some other interesting tools like DropPad that lets you select any text or image from other software like Word, Email or Web Browser to ad to your post.

Web Design and Development Software.
Some other useful tools to help you along with blogging and maintaining your blog are ofcorce Web Design and Website Applications. These tools will help you create and maintain or edit your blog and give it your own unique appearance. I can’t say that these tools are for everyone but with a little time you can get the hang of them and learn how they work.

Adobe Golive & Dreamweaver – Most people are familiar with these programs. I personally use Golive. If you want a easier way to modify your templates and more diversity than using the built in theme editor that is in most blogging software these are your answer. I personally find the built in editors a pain and you can’t really undo much after you have saved your file. Both of these are not free but do come with trial versions.
More Information Golive | Dreamweaver

Rapid CSS Editor is an easy to use software to help you edit and create your blog CSS files. It is a plus for those how do not know a lot about CSS and has many helpful features. The price is about $20.


Photoshop & Gimp – Both of these tool are powerful graphic editing software the only difference is Gimp is free and Photoshop is not. You can find many tutorials for both to help you with editing and designing new graphics for your blog.
More Information Photoshop | Gimp

Other Image Editing Software
Here are a few other image and batch editing software tools to quickly edit images for your blog.

ThumbsPlus is a highly customizable image database with thumbnails and batch editing. It makes it easy to catalog, organize, locate and maintain all of your graphics, multimedia and font files.

Picasa locates and organize all the photos on your computer with quick and easy steps to edit and add effects to your photos. I use this one when I have a lot of photos to edit and resize.

Text Editors
Some other quick options for writing post as I find using the built in text-editor can be buggy at times and not corporate when writing post. Using Notepad, Editplus or Metapad save me some time when I write a post in to one of them then copy and paste it in to the blogs editor and add my links and all from there.




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