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“Super Thinking + Spanish” Course in Ecuador

Looking for a way to pick up Spanish – fast? Try the “Super Thinking – Super Spanish” courses taught at El Meson de las Flores in Cotacachi.

The “Super Thinking + Spanish” courses are taught by Steve Marchant and a group of native Spanish speaking teachers. The course was developed by Steve together with Merri, who, along with her husband, Gary Scott owns El Meson de las Flores.

The courses are based off of the Lozanov method, developed by Dr.Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian educational master. Dr.Lozanov was granted a visa to enter the United States in order to teach his Method, which involves improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the learning process. At least three best selling books, the Mozart Effect, Superlearning, and Superlearning 2000 have been based on his teachings. While in the United States Dr.Lozanov taught a very limited number of classes, and Merri was a student in one of them. She is one of the few who is actually licensed to teach the Lozanov Method. With her knowledge and Steve’s experience of teaching language to diplomats for many years “Super Thinking + Spanish” was developed. The course is designed to teach you Spanish in just a week, although 3 week advanced studies courses are also available.

Super Thinking + Spanish

“Super Thinking + Spanish” teaches you how to use your subliminal memory, music and other methods in order to “supercharge” your mind. It also teaches you simple ways to learn words quickly. For example, most words in English that end in -ION are cognitive with their Spanish counterparts. Some of these words include instruction – instrucción, education – educación, and preparation – preparación. Note that in each the ‘t’ simply changes to a ‘c’ and the pronunciation follows Spanish language pronunciation rules. There are many little tricks like that with “Super Thinking – Super Spanish” employs to enable you to be conversational in a very short period of time.

The courses are designed to work in harmony with your daily events, meaning that each day you will have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

For more information about the “Super Thinking + Spanish” lesson, and staying at El Meson de las Flores, visit this web-site.

Gary Scott explains on the web-site the exceeding value of taking this course. Not only is it designed to make sure you learn Spanish quickly, it also teaches you how to learn other subjects anywhere from two to five times faster. He explains:

The techniques you gain will help unlock the quantum potential we all possess. This evolutionary program shows how certain types of music can enhance learning and how even altered nutrition can make you a startling 25% smarter, how subliminal messages can increase your energy and thinking process, plus much, much more.

“Super Thinking + Spanish” presents new ways to use subliminal memory, music and much more to supercharge your mind. The knowledge you gain about smart food and super nutrition allows you to enhance productivity and creativity. Once these concepts are understood, you will know how to create your own program and build new skills at work in study and play. In addition you gain all the tools to quickly become fluent in Spanish.

Visit Gary A. Scott’s web-site for more information. LINK

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