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It is quite easy to find to out. You could be in for a big shock, who their hosting with…

Google has put a lot emphasis, on page loading speeds, as a ranking factor. Because of this, webmasters and site owners, should be a little concerned about how fast their website loads.

Failure to do so, could mean lower rankings, in the search engines! If one depends on organic traffic from the search engines, loading speeds, should not be over-looked.

Occasionally, there will be times that one will encounter a website that has an excellent page loading speed. More than likely, one would be interested to know, who their web hosting provider is. Having this information about their provider, could also be extremely useful. Especially, if your thinking about switching over, to a new web hosting provider!

Sign Up and Get A Free Domain Name!

In the past, it was quite difficult for most people, to determine their competitor’s web hosting provider.

However, that has changed, and there is a couple of neat little tools, that will do the job with ease. Did I mention that they are, totally free?

That’s right you don’t have to spend, a single penny!

The first tool is, IPNetinfo, and it needs to be copied to a folder on your computer. One executes the program, enters the IP address or Domain URL, selects the right check boxes, and it tracks down the hosting provider. “Be sure that all three boxes are toggled on. Don’t forget to a shortcut icon, to execute the program.”

IPNetinfo Screenshot:

There you go. It’s that easy!

The second tool for finding their hosting provider is a free online tool called, “Web Hosting Lookup Tool”. – WhoIsHostingThis

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