Start your own blog for money Part 2

Start your own blog for money Part 2

Part Two – Installing your WordPress Site

In Part One on this series we talked about some hosting and domain name information to help you get started with your blog. By now you should have decided on those main parts and already have your domain and hosting set up, and decided on your blog software of choice. As I stated most of the stuff here will be based on WordPress, but may offer some tips to you if you are using other software.


On this section I will go over the basics of how to install your WordPress blog or how to do it from Fantastico if your hosting provider offers this service. There are many articles and help files available for your installation if you are stuck at a certain part and are not sure what to do. I will only touch lightly on this subject to give you a basic understanding to the install and how to get the blog up and running.

The first thing you need to figure out is if you have the minimal requirements that are needed for the install.

For WordPress you will need:
PHP version 4.2 or greater
MYSQL version 4.0 or greater

You will need to head over to and get the source file. You will also need Winzip or WinRAR to extract these files, and a FTP client (filezilla, WS_FTP, or your browser) to upload your files to your host folder.

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Manual Install


Go ahead and extract the WordPress files to your desktop and open up your FTP client and add your connection information and hit connect. After this you need to deside if you will be running your blog in your root folder ( or adding it to a sub-folder (, if you are adding it to a sub-folder you can create this folder with in you FTP client. After that you can go ahead and upload the content of the WordPress folder (not the folder itself) to your server.

Screenshot of FTP Transfer:

Once you have everything transferred to your server you can open up your browser and go to to wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php. This will take you though the steps to set up your WordPress configuration files. At the bottom you will see a “lets go” link and this will take you to the setup process.


Create a MYSQL Database.


Before you continue you will need to set up a new Database. Each host is different on how you set this up, but the option can usually be found with in your host Control Panel. You will need to set up a new database before you continue to the next step. If you are unsure about this step contact your host provider.


Next Step:

You will see a few options on the 2nd page asking for:
Database Name: This will be the name of the database that you just created and may look like this “yoursite_test” or just “test” depending on your server.
Username: Your MYSQL username- which is probably the same as your control panel login
Password: Your MYSQL password– which is probably the same as your control panel login
Database Host: Localhost – You probably will not need to change this.
Prefix: You can leave this as wp_


After you have all that information correct you will see a the installation page and with a link called “run install” this will take you to the final step.


Last Step:
The last step will finish the install. You will only need to add your Site name and Email address then hit the “Install WordPress” button and you are done. The last page will give you your password and other infromation to login to your account.


Fantastico Install

Probably one of the quickest ways to install WordPress is if your host provides Fantastico. It only takes a few steps with out all the work of having to FTP all the files and go though all of the steps. If your provider offers Fantastico it will be located in your Control Panel Options.


Once you are in the Fantastico options you will see WordPress in the left side column. Once you select the option you will be taken to the WordPress screen.


You will see a link for “New Install”. Once you click new install a few options will appear for you to fill in like what directory you would like to install WordPress, your admin name, password, email address and a few other options. After that click the install WordPress button and continue on till the install is complete and now you are finished. No fuss or hard work.



Step One we had a few parts on choosing your domain and going though what will be in this series.

Step Two we had a look at installing your blog on your own server.

Continuing on we will start to look in to design, themes, customizing, seo and monetizing.

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