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Street-Side Ice Cream in Quito, Ecuador

Street-Side Ice Cream in Quito, Ecuador


There is nothing like ice cream on a hot day, and for me there is nothing quite like the ice cream from one of the street carts in Quito. Sure, it doesn’t taste the same as Baskin Robbins does, but at 25 cents a pop, you couldn’t expect it to.

There is something delicious about the ice cream here. It may be that it is so hot outside, it just tastes better! In any case, if you can find it in restaurants or shops try the coconut ice cream or the ginger ice cream.

And don’t be afraid to buy the ice cream off of the street, they are the perfect treat for walking around the city on a hot day!

Some of Quito’s Ice Cream Shops include:

Baskin Robbins.- Located on Av. Orellana next to Burger king and at Quicentro.

Gelateria 1.- Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre, at Centro Comercial Olímpico Atahualpa (close to the stadium).

Corfu.-Address: Portugal and los Shyris.

Helados de Paila.- Address: In Av. Los Shyris (opposite the park’s grandstands).

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