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Tackle writer’s block

Tackle writer’s block


5 reasons to step away from your computer today

Writer’s block is like a pesky little tickle in the back of your throat. You cannot figure out where you want to go in your post, but you seem to stare at your computer screen without typing a single word. Sometimes you have to walk away from your computer in order for inspiration to hit. Inspiration is the key to getting your posts written without falling victim to writer’s block. If you want to get yourself back on track, consider using a few of these tips to help you.

Ask Your Friends Questions

Questions can help you get answers and provide an opportunity to research some ideas. Your friends are a good source of information if you have a social networking page on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Post a few questions to trigger their interest, and then use the information to write post titles or keywords you can use in a new post.

Unplug Your Computer

Wow. You’re probably wondering how turning off your computer is going to strike some inspiration. Your computer can entrap your mind and it leads to confusion, frustration and anger. According to a recent study by Time Magazine, information overload and multitasking can disturb the flow of oxygen and activity in our brains. Maybe you can leave your computer alone for a few hours to rejuvenate the muscles and juices in your brain? Unplug your computer, turn off your smartphone and step outside to get some fresh air.

Take a Walk

A little exercise can do wonders for creativity. Writer’s block is only as powerful as your lack of activity. If you cannot write a page in the next 2 seconds, take a quick walk to the mailbox, up the street, or run a few sprints. Get active, seek spurts of energy on something other than your keyboard. Your legs, arms, core and back will appreciate the extra effort in stretching them for a few minutes.

Listen to Music

Music is stimulating to the brain. Our creative parts of the brain are often triggered when we listen to music and it helps our talents emerge. Writing is an art just like music; if you are not a fan of Mozart, consider listening to Brahms or Choplin.

Take a Day Off

Well, you may not jump into this suggestion at first, but you should consider the amount of time you spending writing each week. Will it hurt to take a day off from your blog to seek inspiration?

Look a Little Deeper

Your writing frustrations could also come from the problems your eyes have while you’re staring at your computer screen. A little time away from your computer can do wonders for your eyes, too. According to Dr. Grossman, over 50% of computer users experience headaches from eye strains from constantly staring at the characters.

Writers block is an internal battle for many bloggers. You can take a couple of days off of work to figure out how to get your inspiration back. Maybe our tips are just what you’re looking for to tackle the little blocks you’re experiencing.

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