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The South American Explorers Club – Travel Advice in Quito

The South American Explorers Club – Travel Advice in Quito

For those coming to Ecuador who plan to use Quito as a central base of operations for excursions throughout the country, or those checking out the city to see if they would like to retire here permanently, you may want to consider getting a membership to the South American Explorers Club.

A standard single membership costs $60 (for a pair it’s 90) and includes access to all the clubhouses (located throughout South America), their respective libraries, a book exchange, storage and mail services, wireless internet, access to their members only web-site, discounts with language schools, tours, hotels, travel advice and trip planning. YOu also get the quarterly magazine and the monthly e-newsletter, as well as tons of information about volunteering throughout Ecuador.

Access to all the trustworthy information is priceless and mail and storage services are great for those who are traveling about the country, exploring or looking for the perfect place to relocate. But, the best part about the South American Explorers Club in Quito is the volunteer staff that mans the clubhouse. They are super knowledgeable about the ins and the outs of the city. They know where to find everything around Quito, and a lot about the rest of the country as well.

Visit the South American Explorers Club and for information pertaining specifically to Quito. The clubhouse is open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 5 pm and Satuday from 9:30 am – 12 pm.

Quito Clubhouse address: 311 Jorge Washington y Leonidas Plaza (it is a converted house)

Phone: (593) (2) 222 5228

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