Time Management

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

Being busy does not mean you are being more productive. You must have good time management skills, which means that you only focus on the important things to get things done.


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We must focus our energy on the activities that bring us maximum results.

There are only two things to focus on to maximize our time, learn how to use your time in the best possible way; and reduce distractions that are an utter waste of time.

It’s really simple, but where do you start?

The 80/20 rule

Apply the 80/20 rule for effective time management- Yes, simple. Apply Pareto’s Principle where 20% of the activities bring 80% of the results.

Let’s be realistic, it definitely won’t be exactly 20%, but the main point here is that you must concentrate your efforts on the most important tasks that bring the most results.You must learn how to apply the techniques shown here to start doing less work.

“Doing more does not mean getting better results!”

You can learn simple time management techniques and certain time saving strategies through goal setting. The next things to focus on is shifting your attitude. When you focus on the 20% of the high value activities, you also need to look at the results. When you learn how to shift this simple focus from being busy to achieving results, you’ll definitely be on the way to being more efficient.

Why don’t people manage their time?They are just too reluctant to plan. Anyone can just set their goals and plan the steps, but not many do it. They prefer the adrenaline buzz of doing activities last minute.

Another reason is that they set their goals but prefer to procrastinate because of the short-term gain. There are people who set their goals to lose weight, but end up eating their ‘favorite’ or ‘irresistible’ food during that moment. They satisfy their taste buds during that moment but forget their long-term goal.

To avoid this problem you must learn how to:Evaluate your efficiency by tracking your progress towards your goals.

Ask yourself “How far am I away from the goal I set?”

And of course learn how to manage procrastination. Managing your time is really simple if you follow the simple steps of setting your goals, and pushing yourself through to achieve it WITHOUT excuses.

Pareto’s Principle

Basic time management skills will help you manage things better and reduce stress. Don’t forget to apply Pareto’s Principle to achieve more by working less. Not all activities bring high value.

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