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Tips for Creating a Business Proposal

Tips for Creating a Business Proposal

Nowadays, the way in which we see and make business is different in the sense that the competition is fiercer and the deals are more aggressive and strategic. A business can fail or succeed depending on its ability to get more contracts or to attract businesses into joint ventures or strategic deals. In order to accomplish these you need to have good ideas and to be able to present them in a great business proposal.

Here are some tips on how to create a superb business proposal:

Clarity and concision

Don’t try to look smart or use excess jargon. Be clear and succinct. Summarize the concept in a few sentences and show it to a person to see if he understands what your are trying to say. Be ready to start writing the actual proposal!

Error free

Make sure that your proposal is drafted by professional writers. Use all the resources that you have at your disposal. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes and ask someone else to check it also for overlooks.

Visual effects used intelligently

Use visual effects sporadically. You can use logos, graphs, charts, clip arts, tables and whatever element augments the visual appeal. Do not use only pages of text because they are tiring.

Global audience

Always keep in mind who your audience is. Use your proposal as a marketing tool by stressing down the benefits. Explain what they are and then you can go in for the sale. Don’t overlook your target! Also, try to avoid slang or pop culture expressions.

Don’t oversell

Be credible! Try to make your readers think you are shooting straight with them.


You want to communicate something, not to impress the audience. Be clear and effective! This is how you will impress your readers. Don’t lose your ground!


Printing your business proposal on a good quality papers is very important. Make a nicely and neatly done, professional package.

Be sure that keeping all these things in mind will get you faster and surer to closing that deal.

Example Proposal Template Examples:







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