Title Tag and its Importance

Introducing the Title Tag and its Importance

The title tag takes a number one position, when we are dealing with the importance of meta tags. It also plays a major role to achieve high rankings in the search engines. The importance of your title tag, will actually go heads up with the need of quality content for your posts, articles and web pages. You should never overlook the importance of optimizing the title tag in your search engine optimization campaign, to achieve higher rankings in the search engines!

The two main purposes of the title tag:

The title tag consists of a HTML code snippet, that performs two tasks. First, it displays your title, which appears in your web browsers top bar. Two, it also is displayed in the search engine’s result’s page, when there is a search query that contains keywords that are in your title tag.

Example of the title tag HTML and source code is shown below:

<TITLE>Your web page or article title goes here! </TITLE>

The title tag is placed the HTML section of your source code, and is usually followed by the description and keyword meta tags. However, the order can vary depending on certain factors such as, HTML software and the person who codes you web page. If these meta tags are placed in order, such as, #1 title, #2 descriptions, #3 keyword, usually the page will rank better for search engine results.

The title tag plays an important significance with the search engines:

Search engines gather information from your title tags to find what your web site and web pages topics are about. The information which is placed in this tag, is very crucial. This is the major determining factor which is used in search queries results, and ranking positions for your web site and web pages.

Every web page listed in the search engines, is a possible entrance point to your web site. So, you need to write titles, which stand out and are compelling for web-surfers to click. This is done by, making them interesting and unique to draw attention to your title!

Be sure to integrate your keywords in your title:

You should try to include your keywords and phrases in your title tag. Usually two or three targeted keywords will do the trick as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned.

You should always be sure that your title tag reflects what the web page topic is about.

It doesn’t matter if you write your title first or article. However, make sure that you always include your primary and secondary keyword or keyword phrase in the title tag.

Don’t forget what your focus is! You want the title to sound interesting enough that people will be curious enough to click and visit your web site.

Nothing But The ALT Truth! – Learn more about using alt tags

Nothing but the ALT truthMatt Cutts, have some pretty good information on the subject of using image ALT tags and how to optimize your web images properly. It is very important to understand how you should use the image tag, so you don’t abuse it. Spunky Jones, has his opinions on the subject as well. What are your thoughts about using image Alt tags, are you even using them?

My thoughts on the subject are as follows:

The main purpose of using image ALT tags is to provide an alternative text to describe your web images. However, the tag have been used to insert keywords with the intentions of boosting rankings in the search engines. The main concept behind this SEO tactic, is to use the image alt tag to reinforce your keywords that you want to target. While this technique has worked in the past, will it continue to be effective?

There are many people in the SEO world that claim, using image Alt tags are useless. While, on the other hand, other experts believe they work and improve your rankings in the search engines. However, many designers choose to abuse alt tags by keyword stuffing. This could get you flagged by the search engines and get penalized.

Even if the tag doesn’t have any SEO value (which I don’t believe is true), it is my opinion that one should continue using the tag. However, I wouldn’t over abuse the image tag for SEO optimization. Furthermore, using tag properly will help your website HTML markup to validate according to W3C standards.

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