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Getting More Traffic To Your Hubpages

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One of my favorite sites to build backlinks is with Hubpages. Building hubs is part of my link wheel strategy and it works very well. An added benefit that I get from Hubpages is that I actually receive a good amount of traffic to my hubs if I optimize them well. One way to do this is to add as many relevant tags to my hubs as I can.

By doing this, I increase the visibility of my hubs on the hubpages site itself, and in turn increase the number of visitors I get.

Besides thinking of relevant tags off the top of your head, here is a simple tip to discover other great tags to use. Hubpages has a concept of hot hubs and best hubs.

Hot hubs are newer hubs that have received a lot of traffic or comment discussion recently while Best hubs are hubs with the highest hub score.

So, go to Google and type in: your keyword(s) “hot hubs” or your keyword(s) “best hubs”



In the search results, you will get back a list of relevant hubpage tag pages that you can add to your hub. It’s quite simple really, and I encourage you to follow this process for all the hubs your right. I’ve found it makes quite a bit of difference for me.

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