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Travel Writing Hints and Tips

Travel Writing Hints and Tips


Hints and tips for research

– Make sure you choose a topic that is a bit different and that has unique content. Editors love articles that bring something new to the table.

– Choose your target audience well and choose wisely. Don’t try and be all things to all men. Again this links back to making a niche for yourself.

– When choosing your niche area make sure the subject is one that you will enjoy and can fit into your lifestyle. There is no point writing about backpacking around Australia if you have too many responsibilities at home.

Hints and tips for writing

– The beginning of your travel story is crucial. Make sure it is compelling and grabs the reader’s attention straight away. Remember your job is to grab the attention of a travel editor who will have very little time on their hands.

– Almost as important is the overall structure of the article. If the article has no structure in place it will look amateur.

– Your content not only has to be well written but it has to be accurate as well. Don’t think you can get away with generalisations and inaccuracies. Travel editors have got to their position not by chance but by knowing what sells. They know inaccurate content does n’t sell.

– Spelling and grammar. It may seem obvious to point this out to potential travel writers but editors receive bad grammar and spelling all the time. Make sure your copy is proof-read at least once by someone else.

– When you write about a far off location try and bring the place to life and almost put yourself out of the picture. Make sure you show the reader rather than telling them.

– Make sure your article is at the very least inspirational. Remember as a travel writer you are trying to inspire others.

Selling your travel writing

– Do not go out with all guns blazing trying to cover as many publications as you possibly can. You may think getting someone to be interested in your work is a numbers game but it is n’t.

– Pick a small number of targets to sell to and focus on them. Being targeted will help your writing style as well because you are essentially narrowing down the audience you have to please.

– Before you try and pitch your work to a travel magazine or travel section of a newspaper make sure you have read the actual publication. Preferably do this for a number of weeks before you try and sell so you get a real flavour for the publication and their style.

– Get to know the editor before you write anything if possible. This way you can build up a reputation and stand more chance of impressing.

– Competition if fierce. Do everything you can to stand out of the crowd.

Getting Started as a Travel Writer

The Markets For Travel Writing 

Introduction To Travel Writing 

Some further gems of information for the wannabe travel writer

There are so many hints and tips that could be told but we have tried to just highlight some of the more important ones to remember. This section is split up from research to writing to selling.

All three sections are as important as each other. Not doing research will mean you are writing in the dark. Not writing correctly will mean your story will end up on someone’s bin and not selling your article will mean no earnings.

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