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Using Alexa To Discover Great Keywords

Discover Great Keywords


Many of you are familiar with Alexa and its infamous Alexa Toolbar. By collecting data from people who use its toolbar, Alexa is able to gather useful metrics about the surfing habits of its users.

While you might be familiar with Alexa Rank, which is an estimate of how popular a website is, Alexa collects some other useful data as well. In this tip, let me show you have to use Alexa as an incredibly useful keyword search tool.


If you look at the Alexa data for a particular url, you will notice a Keywords tab. Here you will see the top search terms that are driving traffic to the site. I’ve tested this Alexa keyword search tool feature on several of my own sites, and the data looks pretty accurate. So how would you use this data?

Well, you can take a look at other popular sites in your niche and see exactly what keywords they are targeting. Write articles that target these keywords as well and try to grab some of their traffic. Or if you are into PPC, you can add these keywords to your own list and target them with paid traffic.

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