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Welcome to the Travel Writing Guide

Dreaming of being a travel writer?

Do you have a passion for travel?

Do you have a passion for writing?

Ever considered combining your passions and making a professional career out of travel writing?

This guide will help you decide whether travel writing is for you. Check out the simple questions below to find out if you have what it takes to be a travel writer.

Do I have what it takes to be a successful travel writer?
You must ask yourself this question before you do anything else. Also….

– Do you absolutely adore travel? Do you look up in the sky whenever a jumbo goes overhead and wonder which exotic location it might be heading to?

– Can you actually write well? Have you managed to adopt your own writing style that’s different but informative and well suited to travel writing?

– Do you enjoy travel writing or do you find it a chore? This might be obvious but you have to really ask yourself whether you truly have a passion for travel writing or whether you’ll become bored.

– Are you prepared to face the reality that becoming wealthy from travel writing is very hard? Of course the top travel writers such as Paul Theroux or Bill Bryson can command big fees but there are a lot of people only earning sufficient to pay for their travels.

– Finally and most importantly can you actually sell yourself and your travel articles? You will not be able to rely on slick sales people to sell your work for you. You will have to be brave, bold, competitive and most importantly persistent.

Well if you have got this far and you’re still reading and confident about making money travel writing then read out next section:

Getting started as a travel writer.

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