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What a Business Proposal Should Include

What a Business Proposal Should Include

Business proposals are documents that try to persuade clients to buy a certain product or service. These documents are used in government and industry as well. It may range from a few pages to more than 50 pages. Business proposals, especially unsolicited business proposals are mainly designed to attract the interest of the potential customer. On the other hand, competitive bids offer more detailed information on all aspects of the business proposal.

Though not all parts are necessary, a standard business proposal includes the following elements (depending on how formal the proposal is):

Cover letter. This provides an overview of your bid and it also introduces the business. Here you can include a short summary of the company’s background and abilities.

Table of contents. This is not necessary for short business proposals but can be used for bigger ones.
Executive summary. This part is the most crucial one. This is why it should be very easy to read and understand. Here you should outline your benefits succinctly.

Body. It provides explanations and technical elements, information on price, logistical and support, documentation and training. This can become a legal binding document if accepted.

Doing your homework and preparing enough can make all the difference in the world. Meet with key decision makers and determine what they are looking for. A prospective client can offer you a type of information that can be of great value in shaping your business proposal.

Printable Proposal Examples:

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