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What is Quality Content For Your Websites?

What is Quality Content?

The internet marketing business is constantly changing. Your methods that have been working like a charm for the past several months can all of the sudden backfire on you. Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about the quality of websites and that if you want to survive in the long term, you better put up quality content or you’ll eventually get slapped by Google.

What is quality? If I’m looking for a pair of socks, do I want to come to a site with a bunch of pictures of socks to buy or do I want a site with detailed information on which socks are the best? For me, I just want to buy socks so in this case, the first site would be of better value to me and therefore, is of better quality.

Quality is largely a matter of opinion. I hate coming across sites that analyze the crap out of everything with their fancy calculations and numbers. I’m a more succinct kind of guy. I want things to be laid out and to the point and:


Perhaps I ramble a lot with my posts but maybe it’s because I read longer posts do better.

How can you have quality content with just 150 words right?

Another thing, if English isn’t your primary language, then I guess you’re screwed. If you have decent ideas but just happen to not be very good at writing and getting your ideas across, I guess you’re screwed as well.

Quality is personal. I’m sure some of you who read my posts will say it’s all crap while others of you might say it’s very useful.

Who’s right? The answer is everyone is. Whether my content is quality or not depends on what you were looking for as well as what your previous knowledge on the subject matter is.

If I came across a blog about how to make money online and all it talks about is putting your keyword in the title and using it in the articles, then I would think it’s crap because I already know those basic things. For someone brand new, it could be revolutionary to them.

Perhaps quality comes down to intent. When you write content, is your intention to deliver truly useful information and helping people solve a problem or is it merely to just have content on your site with the right keywords so you can hopefully rank? Or perhaps it’s just bore your readers into just clicking one of your ads.

Then again, your intentions can be good but if Google thinks your site is crap because you don’t talk about the process of how socks are made or the different types of fibers used to create the world’s greatest socks even though most of your visitors just want to find the lowest price socks, what can you do?

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