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What’s your Goal

What’s your Goal?

Yes, I ask you. What’s your goal?

Write it down! Set a deadline. Break it down into smaller pieces. Set a deadline for each part. Then get started.
It is a simple process. Yet, so few people actually follow through. Why? Feel free to comment below on what your Goal blockers are.

Procrastination, Distractions, the kids, housework, yard work, my job (J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke)….

If you cannot get beyond your goal blockers the you need a bigger goal. Something you are passionate about that you want to scream from the hill tops. ” I want _____________ because__________ and nothing is going to stop me!”

Then give someone the right to keep you accountable only if they are promising to be constructive in their monitoring.

You will reach your goal if it is real, written, with a deadline, you are passionate about it and you have accountability. You may just need to modify your deadline.

Start with something small that you have a good chance of getting to quickly. As you gain confidence then get bigger goals where the end point is a bit more fuzzy, but you can plan the steps necessary for its attainment.

Look at your goals often. At least daily right before going to sleep. Hold your self to the task and you will get there.
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My Top 10 Goal Setting Worksheets That I Use


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