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Why A Marketing Plan?

Why A Marketing Plan?


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Using our marketing plan, which has been tried, tested and developed by marketing professionals, we provide you with a free template to take your business to the next level. We can help you to launch new products, services, attract new customers, whilst increasing the amount of business which you write from your existing customer base.

Our marketing plan template is a generic document which can be adapted to any business, and includes the following areas: profiling your customer, understanding the market place, SWOT analysis, pricing, and finally a promotional plan.

We know that you will be happy with our template, which is why we have written it!

Download it today, for free, no catches!

A Few Reasons for Marketing Plan Templates…

There are a number of reasons why a marketing plan is required. If a new product or service is being launched, or if a business is struggling or is looking to grow. A marketing plan is often produced in conjunction with a wider business plan, and may be an element of this. As a business gears up for a period of growth or development, the marketing plan may provide the sense of direction for the business.

There are many different marketing plan templates and guides available on the internet and through business advisers, and whilst there is no definitive correct version, the layout headings and detail contained in the versions available for free from this website, have been developed by marketing professionals, in line with a general specification.


Having a completed marketing plan should be considered in a number of circumstances, including:

 – If you are looking for to grow your business.

 – If you are looking to sell all or part of your business.

 – If you are looking to plan for the coming months and years, in conjunction with a business plan.

 – If your business has got into trouble and you are looking to come out of the other side.

So for all of these reasons, and a whole host more, take action today, click below to download your free business plan template now.

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