Why Most Bloggers Never Make Much Money

Why Most Bloggers Never Make Much Money

Blogging is very profitable way of making large amounts of monthly income, but most bloggers will never make much money due to the person been a blogger and not an online marketer. Fortunately for me, i was an affiliate marketer for many years and have the experience of online marketing. When you know how to blog and how to market the blog, then you have a recipe for success.

The most important thing about a blog is its traffic, visitor retention and backend (email list) sales. Way too many bloggers concentrate on the frontend (actual blog) sales such as promoting affiliate products, selling text links and banners or writing sponsored reviews.

Start building a list for your blog from day one, as this allows you to build a closer relationship with your readers and make recommendations of quality products and services as an affiliate. You will find that you will end up making more money from your actual list than from the blog itself.

Aweber is a service i use and has a great interface with an easy to use control panel. The lightbox feature is what you may have seen on profit academy when the page black out and displays an opt in box that offers a free ebook.

The ebook i offer is of great value and will teach you the essentials of internet marketing. You should offer something like this to your readers. I give access to this ebook from my left side bar, in a highly visible place as well as the lightbox found on aweber. All readers are required to opt in to get the ebook.

Your RSS feed will also play a vital role in increasing the overall income from your blog. Make sure that your feed is easily accessible from your homepage such as a highly visible feed button or email subsciption option like the one found on my homepage. Always set your feed to view as a full feed as most people wont even follow you if your feed requires them to click on a link to view the full post. Adsense can be integrated within the feed from your adsense account.

These are the bare essentials of making more money from your blog and if you start off with building a list with Aweber, then you are building an asset for your business. Try to think of blogging as a business and not as a hobby, even if your topic is your hobby. If you are serious about blogging then you will succeed in time so remain patient and be consistent.

The above information will be responsible for turning a $100/month blog into a $1000/month blog.

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