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WordPress Beginners, Don’t Forget Your Meta Tags

– Learn SEO basics to jump start your SEO optimization –

Search engines have a ranking system which is derived by their algorithm. You rank depending how important you are to the search engines. If you want top rankings, you have to show the search engines that you are more important than your competitors.

However, if you want to outrank your competitors, it will require much time and effort. Furthermore, there is no SEO leprechaun with his magic pot of SEO to obtain over night success. It’s all about hard work and following the search engine guidelines, if you want to play by the rules!

In this blog post, I will share a few SEO basics that WordPress beginners can apply, that will jump start your SEO optimization efforts.

– Every page must include the following meta tags for effective search engine optimization. –

* Title tag
* Meta Description
* Keywords
* H1 tags

When you apply these tags, make sure that they are relevant to your page content. Try to make these tags are as unique as possible to avoid duplicating content. Be aware that search engines prefer quality content that isn’t redundant and duplicated. Duplicate content, is most often penalized by the search engines. It is important that you look over each of your blog posts and pages very carefully to omit redundancy.

The frequency that the search engines visit you, depends somewhat, on how often you add fresh new quality content that is unique. Therefore, if you want the search engines to visit more frequently, feed them what they are hungry for!

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