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Writing Goals Down

Writing Goals Down: Pushing that Boulder up The Hill

So how many goals have you actually written out into a plan and then followed it until you actually reached your goal? I think New Year’s Eve is the most notorious time for a person to write down their resolutions of what they are going to accomplish: stop smoking, lose weight, get out of debt….

But why do these resolutions fall by the wayside so dang fast! Before you know it is almost March and you may have the goal in the back of your head still and maybe feel a little guilty and frustrated because you are still far from reaching your goal.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. The answer is to actually write your goals down into a plan and then FOCUS on this plan until you either reach your goal or have the need to create a new plan.

Writing Goals Down

Writing Goals Down is easy, it is the focus, tenacity, and persistence part that is difficult because it is so UPHILL in the beginning.

Here you are trying to do whatever your goal is and you have to push that boulder up the hill….and so you start looking for something that may be easier, like a machine that will push the boulder for you, or something that will break the boulder into smaller pieces so you don’t have to push so hard.

By looking for easier ways to reach your goal, you have just lost a HUGE amount of focus, lost time that could have been dedicated to reaching your goal, lost any momentum you may have had in the beginning, and then before you know it, you are back to where you began and your goal is on the back burner of your life.


Today, right now, write a goal down. A small one that has a plan with a timeline. Work that timeline. Don’t look for an easier way, don’t over-analyze, and don’t get stressed if it looks like you won’t reach your goal. Just work the plan, keep pushing upward, and see where you are after you hit your deadline.

If you didn’t accomplish your goal, do not get down on yourself, just make a new deadline, or tweak you plan some, BUT STAY FOCUSED. As they say, head down and to work, KEEP YOUR DISTRACTIONS AT BAY.

Honestly, writing goals down will work for you if you develop a plan of action, and right or wrong stick to the plan to see if it will work. Maybe I will tell you more where I am coming from in my next post!

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