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You need an XML Sitemap

Why do I need a XML Sitemap?

If you want a successful website, you’ll need to optimize it with search engine optimization tactics. XML Sitemaps are essential part of optimizing, because they help the search engines crawl your website. However, having a sitemap does not always guarantee that all of your web pages, will get into the search engines. Using a sitemap will help to get your website links distributed, and that will help to improve your search engine ranking results.

Sitemaps, are a road map that displays a route to all of your pages and links within your website. Having a sitemap will also serve as a guide, allowing your visitors to navigate throughout your website to discover all of your content. The sitemap link is usually placed on the main page of your website for visibility. Therefore, if you want to boost your SEO optimization, XML sitemaps are a great way to achieve it.

It is essential that you understand the importance of link building and how sitemaps are effective to maximize your SEO. Therefore, you need to design your website in a manner that is search engine and user friendly. All of your inner page links should be within 3 clicks from the main page. Doing this, it will help to make sure that the search engine can crawl your site more precisely.

Reasons to use a XML sitemap:

* You have a poorly designed internal linking structure.
* Many of your internal pages are more than 3 clicks from your main page.
* You are indexing issues with the search engines.
* You want to distribute PageRank throughout your website.
* You want your visitors to discover all of your web pages within your site.
* You want to save bandwidth and not have the search engine crawl the entire site, to discover new internal pages.

Reasons not to use a XML sitemap:

* The Google Bot reduces its crawl rate of your website, because it no longer has to find new pages on its own.
* You trust the search engines crawling algorithm more than a program, generated sitemap.
* You have an efficient internal linking system, and every page of your website is within 2 to 3 pages of your main page.

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