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YouTube Should Not be your Primary Video Host

Why YouTube Should Not be your Primary Video Host

Why YouTube Video is Not The Answer

There is no doubt that when it comes to online video YouTube is clearly king. there is simply no other re-source that can match YouTube when it comes to traffic, the number of videos viewed and the advertising revenue generated during the course of daily business.

Whats Wrong with Using YouTube

However, there are several problems with just using YouTube as a Online Video source.

The first is that YouTube will embed advertisements into the video that will play during the video. You don’t get to say what those advertisers are about, and you may not benefit financially from any reward the paid by the advertisers to YouTube. You will also find that once the video finishes playing that YouTube will display a set of related videos that may in some cases have your blog visitor taken from your site to your competitors site.

Now it is true that if your marketing and attempting to make money with a web-based business you need to do some advertising yourself on YouTube. You need to be putting teaser videos of around 5 min or so up on YouTube with a watermark with your domain name in it. You don’t put your best work on YouTube you save that for your paying customers or potential customers.

You do want to have good quality informative and entertaining videos up on YouTube, there’s nothing worse than searching for a specific subject only to find that the video sucks. that is a surefire way to have people clicking away from your video and going somewhere else. Furthermore once your videos up on YouTube is no longer your intellectual property. YouTube makes a video available (once you allow permission) for all to see and also that anyone to download and to distribute.

So although you took the time to make the video and usual resources YouTube gets to do what it likes with your video. This is not smart and as soon as you can afford to you should go to a paid solution.

Below is a 20 minute video showing you what I use for my Blog Video.

So ultimately you need another way of doing business when it comes to online video. Now there are several highly capable and highly functional programs and software suites built around online video. And it’s fair to say that I’ve gone through quite a few of them. I’ve used services like Traffic Geyser but in the end all traffic geyser does is post your videos to a bunch of video aggregation sites such as YouTube.

Now distribution is a good thing, but it gets expensive so you need to establish a regular revenue stream before you go blowing the budget. All of the aggregators operate like Youtube and have similar terms of service. Which Flies in the face of what I’ve just said about your video distribution and control. Furthermore these video distribution programmes are costing more to buy and run than a slightly more expensive single purchase option.

Now I use two distinct services to upload host and deliver my video content to this blog and other blogs I run in a variety of niches across the web. Both of these services offer something different and i use them interchangeably depending on the end product.

The first product I am going to talk about you may well have heard of. Easy video player hit the online world around a year ago, and changed online video for ever. At the time of its launch there was nothing else like it on the market, and there is still nothing to match it on the market. It introduced concepts such as being able to insert a PayPal purchase button right into the video that was clickable so that someone could go buy your product. This allowed the advancement of the video only sales page.

It also allowed for the insertion of opting forms from services like Aweber and Get Response, who are two of the biggest and most reliable e-mail services from online marketing. The greatest advancement for marketers with the ability to market without getting bogged down with technical nitty-gritty. Easy video player version 2 is about to hit the streets on or around October 19, 2010 and some of the improvements made to an already fantastic product is the integration with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They have also created the ability to show your video in a light box which is very much like the video You have (hopefully) just watched.

The second product I use is called Viddymatic. now this program integrates easy video player with my blog. And the principal reason that I chose Viddymatic was because it had functionality that I found rather cool.

It allows for the embedding of videos from easy video player along with YouTube and a couple of other products I can’t remember now, without the need for coding. It also supplies secure or Amazon S3 videos which can stop theft of your valuable work.

Now YouTube is a great service but in the longer term an Amazon S3 based product will provide a more secure and functional arena to host and secure your Online video and other content.


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