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Make Money Online As A Local Affiliate

Make Money Online As A Local Affiliate

You can make money online in your local town or city as an affiliate as the competition may be much easier to handle. You can promote any affiliate program that you think your local area could benefit from. If you wanted to hit the weight loss market, you would have much more success by attracting local people than a world wide audience as these markets are saturated with companies who have million dollar advertising budgets.

Im going to present a way that you can make money online using this method, without building a website, so you can get up and running as quickly as possible as well as making your first sale within a week or so, read all the below.

Choose A Product:

First off, you would need to choose a product that is within a popular market such as the make money online or weight loss niche. You can go over to clickbank and pick a popular product, this is what you can promote within your city, and earn a commission for every sale you make.

Domain Forwarding:

Then you will have to register a domain name and use a forwarding feature such as that provided by GoDaddy, which is one of the internets leading domain registrars.When you forward a domain, it basically acts as a way to advertise an affiliate product from your own domain, without a website. It looks professional and as you will forward to your affiliate link, you get paid a commission from any sales generated through your domain.

Login to your account after registration and navigate to the domain manager, select your domain and click on the icon that allows you to forward a domain. In this section you would then enter the clickbank affiliate address that you picked earlier and submit.

Check that your domain name redirects to the offer you are promoting to ensure everything works. You are now ready to promote your web address to your local market using low cost methods that will be explained shortly.

You know that many people will be interested in this as currently people may be out of work and over half of the population are not happy with their current jobs and would want to make money online so its a fact that someone within your local area will be looking for something like this.

Affordable Promotion:

To drive traffic to your domain name, you can place adverts on local classified advertising services. Get a featured advert at low cost and you will soon see how effective it can be. Some may even offer a free listing within your area.

Your local newspaper will also have a classified advertising section within their actual paper, you can buy an affordable advert and display your domain name within the paper, on their website or both.

Get affordable business cards and distribute them to your locals by either posting them personally or asking local shops to offer their customers one for a small fee. Leave a couple in the toilets of pubs, clubs or any public place, but ask for permission before doing so.

You can even make some posters and pay shop owners in high traffic places such as the town center for a small monthly fee. This is a very effective way to catch the attention of the locals and before you know it, more and more people will visit your domain that redirects them to your affiliate offer with commissions made on every sale.

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