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Make Money Online With Amazon Associates

Make Money Online With Amazon Associates


In this post i will explain how to make money online with amazon. The amazon associates program allows you to sell any product listed on the marketplace as an affiliate and earn up to 15% of each sale. The possibilities are endless as there is a vast amount of products available, below i have listed a couple of ideas to get you started.


A Niche Amazon Store:

As the most popular products such as computer games, consoles and lcd televisions are highly competitive, you would be best targeting smaller, less competitive markets and then aim to get your website ranking on the search engines for multiple keywords.

You may be limited to building websites which would mean that you may never get your niche store started so you can use free templates or a free amazon store builder such as that provided by Associate-O-Matic. This software allows you to build niche stores and fill it with relevant products of your choice.

You can build a store for all the important dates on the calender such as christmas, the world cup, halloween and the list goes on. People are making an absolute fortune this way and so can you. The most important thing is to get your website ranking on the first page in google for keywords related to the products within your store.

Automatic WordPress Amazon Store ( Plugin Download )

As same as the above method, but using the automatic amazon posting tool that has been created by WP Robot. This powerful software is a revolutionary wordpress plugin that allows you to automatically posts items of your choice, directly on to your wordpress blog.

The reason why this software is so powerful is that you can literally enter a keywords, choose how many hours you want to wait between each post and then the software will automatically post an item from amazon. For example: You can post an item related to your subject every 12 hours, so your blog is updated frequently.

The software will include your amazon associates id, it will insert a picture of the item, the description as well as any comments that have been posted on amazon will be visible as comments on your blog. This looks professional and is hands free.

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