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You’ll find SUMO Paint, to be a high quality free online Photo and Paint Application!

SUMO Paint, is a free online photo and paint manipulation high-end application. Its online community has over 4 million users who come from 200 countries. The community’s purpose is to “create, share, remix, rate, add comments, explore and enjoy the member’s artwork.”

In many ways, SUMO Paint resembles Adobe’s PhotoShop. To say the least, SUMO is a very impressive clone! It is a great alternative for webmasters, who can’t afford Adobe Photoshop.

SUMO is packed with lots of robust features that except, and that you’ll enjoy.

* Complex shape tools.
* Text box.
* Paint.
* Small smattering filters.
* Gradient.
* Eraser.
* Path tools.
* Floating toolbox.
* Side stacked palette and color bars.
* Filters
* Pixel editor

Overall, SUMO Paint is better than Microsoft Paint, and a lot faster than Adobe Photoshop Express. Making it an excellent photo and paint application choice to suit your needs in graphic design. SUMO is easy to use and to master compared to Adobe Photoshop.

The SUMO online community is very active and offers excellent feedback on your work.

You’ll get plenty of positive suggestions from their members as well!

There is a professional version of SUMO Paint. It includes one year free updates. It is easy to install and runs from your local computer.

If you are a webmaster who is on a budget, SUMO, offers an excellent solution for you. Check it out!

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