10 Blogging Philosophies you Should never Forget

10 Blogging Philosophies you Should never Forget in Blogging

There are roadblocks to success as a beginner blogger but when you are armed with what it takes to overcome them, you skyrocket into a professional blogger. Because, a lot of blogs gets dumped at the first 2 months when there is no traffic and no sustaining fire.

I have literally dropped 5 blogs before I found out a secret that can keep you on your blog for years without burning out. These things are practical and I would like every blogger that reads this post to take it highly serious.

First, lets deal with this notorious mental block: Just why did you decide to blog?

Just because Darren Rowse is making millions from his blog does not mean you too can do the same. Just because John Chow is a Millionaire Blogger or even Steve Pavlina shouldnt push you into doing the same. Blogging alone is not a business, what makes a business out of blogging is when it is planned.

If you dont have a sustaining passion over that topic, then you may end up like dozens of other blogs that gets abandoned after the first 2 months.

If you really mean to succeed in what you are doing, then you must really work and think like the rich. Blogging becomes a profession or better still can be called Digital Marketing when you add professionalism to it because you are trying to market your knowledge as a pro in your niche.

Every successful business is planned and so also about blogging for success. So here are surefire 13 blogging philosophies to live by in your quest to blogging zenith.

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Dont blog for money, blog to become an authority:

I have seen a couple of people writing about how to blog to the bank. Sure they are right but that will start you on the wrong lane. First you should be concerned on how you can become an authority on your chosen niche and that is the sure foundation to your success. Provide exceptional content to your niche and subscribers and do it like no mans business!

Build a business, not just another blog: This is very important. To create a business out of blogging sure requires a master plan and I have provided a Quick MasterPlan to Online Business Profit. Download this EBook free of charge. Check the bottom left corner of this blog to subscribe and get it instantly in your inbox. There are workable plans that has lasted in EBusiness for over a decade now. This model is called the C-T-P-M model meaning Content, Traffic, PreSell and Monetize.

Most bloggers who failed never bothered to study this model which is the secret behind great and successful blogs today. To build a business, or better still to become a millionaire blogger, then dont just try to compete with other blogs out there, be unique. Follow the C-T-P-M model laid down rules to succeed. More on C-T-P-M later

Always appreciate yourself, keep saying I am making progress!:

But thats the truth. I have found out sometimes that speaking positively to myself about my blogs has always kept me going even when I get tired of blogging. There are times when you look at successful people who blog and make millions and you throw up your hands that it is impossible. If you say it is impossible, you are right.

If you say it is possible, you are also right. The point here is that you must absolutely make up your mind to break through the first few months of blogging. I suggest you stop visiting other blogs a lot and focus on your blog and how to build it.

Manage your blog like a Million Dollar business:

However you take blogging and your blog will affect your performance in the long run. Have ever seen the management crew of a real business worth several million annually? They dont play hide and seek or trial and error management because it can crash it in less time. Apply this to your blogging. Customers or visitors want maximum returns for the time they spend in your blog. You have to study the dynamics of keeping them at a maximum amount of time that converts them instantly to subscribers. Going for advanced blogging strategies and info will sure make an expert blogger out of you. Be bent on managing your blog like a million dollar company, your attitudes to blogging will change.

Be impact driven, affect the blogosphere in a tremendous way:

Today, the few that started blogging during the Blogging Boom like Daniel Scocco of Bloggingtips, Darren Rowse of Problogger, Neil Patel of Quicksprout, Jeremy Shoemoney of Shoemoney dot com, John Chow of johnchow dot com and several others.

People dont care how long you have been around, what people are interested in is the remarkable impact you have made in the blogosphere. If you are good in SEO, strive for greater information on it. I love what Neil Patel did in his ADVANCED GUIDE TO SEO. To view the post, visit www.quicksprout dot com and search for it.

He provided ADVANCED GUIDE not just another tip on SEO. The same thing goes for your blogging. Check for pillar articles on SEO in your niche and try to churn out an advanced version of it. Thats blogging impact.

Value your subscribers as well as visitors: I think the best way to do this is to assume you are reading your own blog posts like a visitor. Does it look great and helpful? I dont mean trying to write something in order to keep your blog updated. Blogging like a pro requires your value for your reader just like the pros does. Plan to make them better bloggers and better persons following you. In fact, the best way to do this is to keep their focus on your blog by providing them helpful and practical tips on how to succeed 80% of the time.

Try to invent your blogging style and know what works for you:

When you visit Seth Godins Blog at , after reading through his blog post. You will easily identify when Seth Godin makes a comment or post a blogpost at any other website.

I sure bet it, the way I write is quite different from the way other bloggers write and my headlines are quite different. Thats my blogging personal brand. Thank you. Write unique contents in a unique style throughout your stay in the blogosphere.

Never copy, just be yourself: yes as much as you try to add similar tips another person posted to your blogging topics, try to add more powerful ideas you generated or use on your own. That makes you an authority blogger.

Blog excellently and dont you settle for less:

If its not excellent, forget it. Provide detailed down to earth articles and guide. Dont settle for less. People will hire you to write for them because it is you, you have attached quality to blogging and that makes you a hot gig in the marketplace. What you are trying to do in your blog is marketing yourself and your knowledge. When you blog, you allow people to rate you in the blogosphere. So who does not know Darren Rowse in the blogosphere or Steve Pavlina? You go ahead and give the answer.

Believe ultimately that you can be among the first 100 Technorati Blog Ranking:

Well, when you place your eyes ultimately at the zenith, there is an inner fire of motivation that shoots up in your bones. How do you keep the motivation, search for success stories in the blogosphere. That shall make you ever passionate to blog like a pro.
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