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Getting Started as a Travel Writer


Getting Started as a Travel Writer

Working Travel Writing: An Introduction

If you are serious about becoming a travel writer you must have the right equipment at home for your travel writing.

You should consider making some dedicated space at home that you can call you home office / travel writing area as well. Preferably somewhere away from your normal living space.

As with an office at work the more comfortable the work space the better it will be for your travel writing.

Having a view out of a window often helps as does somewhere that has a lot of natural daylight. This will help your travel writing.

Getting Started:

Laptop, Computer Software and Other Equipment for Travel Writing

The most essential item for today’s travel writer is a laptop computer. Not just a desktop PC but a portable laptop that be used in the office or on the road.

Along with a laptop a decent printer is useful. This comes in handy if you have to send any copy by fax (yes some travel editors still like to receive hard copies!)

Computer software for your laptop should include a decent word processor such as Microsoft Word, picture editing software for any accompanying photos you take and a connection to the Internet.

Camera and Voice Recorder – Key Travel Writing Tools

A voice recorder is essential when you are on the road for two purposes. One is so you can interview other people and the second is so you can make verbal notes to yourself as you go along rather than having to write everything down.

Photographs are an excellent way of capturing information for your articles. A picture can be a very quick way of getting down lots of detail that would otherwise take a lot of writing.

Our opinion is that digital cameras are the way to go and when used in conjunction with your laptop can be a very good way to get your information organised.

What’s coming soon in this section:

– How to manage your ideas as a travel writer

– Acting professionally and as a proper travel writing business

– Getting to know what make’s a Travel Editor tick

Next section: Before you go on your travel writing >>>

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